The Photo Violation Solution

Photo Violation Technologies Corporation has developed Self Enforcing Parking Solutions that are Revolutionizing the Parking Industry™. Our Solutions are fair Parking Solutions Not only are they fair for the Parking User but our solutions also generates 5 times or more the revenue then traditional parking solutions!

Fair Solutions That Generate More Revenue! What More Can You Ask For!


The PhotoViolation Self Enforcing™ Solution provides long-term benefits in a manner that is fair to everyone. It’ll change your attitude towards paying for parking. Now, you pay for time you used. No more, no less!

Parking is a critical component of transportation policies and management for municipalities. On-street parking is a key factor in promoting business and tourism. It is vital for municipalities to invest in user-friendly solutions geared towards the future.

The PhotoViolationMeterPBS™


The PhotoViolationMeter™ (PVM)