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Our Vision

Photo Violation Technologies Corporation's vision is to Revolutionize The Parking Industry™ by Perfecting How People Park™ with the PhotoViolation™ Seft Enforcing Solution of Products.

We Began this vision with the the creation of the PhotoViolationMeter™ that has won more major awards than any other parking device!

Our Award Winning Solutions are fair and convenient for the customer and the enviroment while maximizing and increasing parking revenues for municipalities and parking operators. In addition, the PhotoViolation™ Self Enforcing Solution reduces the number of enforcement vehicles used by parking operations further saving money and also saving the environment by reducing CO2 emissions from those vehicles.

We are now doing Again with our new product the Self Enforce ParkScanAndGo Parking APP solution which Is The Easiest Way To Pay For Parking and allows you To Take The Meter With You™.

The companies that are able to do it more than once are the real innovators...

We nad to fight through devlopment issues thast people and experts said it couldn't be done to taking on Goliaths in Legal battles and winning that have tried to copy and steal our technology and have always concured and survived

Photo Violation Technologies Crop. vision is to conitue to find new and additional ways to improve everyone's parking experience with the PhotoViolation™ solution.


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Award Winning Products

  • PhotoViolationMeter™ >

    The self-enforcing PhotoViolationMeter™ is beneficial for drivers and their municipalities. It makes parking convenient for drivers with its No-Fine Feature™, Read More
  • PhotoViolationHHU™ >

    PhotoViolationHHU™ is a hardaware and software soltion for the issuance of parking violations and fines which is built upon the Read More
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