• ParkScanAndGo™

    The Easiest Way To Pay For Parking

    Self Enforcing Pay by Phone App

    - Works with Vehicle Sensors, Camera Columns or Meters
    - Takes pictures of license plates with Camera Column or Parking Meter
    - MeterLess or Metered Operation
    - Cash less or Cash Based Operation
    - Self Enforcing or Manual Enforcing
    - Complete integrated solution

  • AwardWinning Products

    Time Magazine's Top 50,

    Business 2.0 Magazine's Top 10

    Inventions of 2007

  • The PhotoViolationMeter™

    The World's Friendliest Parking Meter™

    It makes parking fair and convenient with its Every Way To Pay Feature™, Grace Period Feature™ and its No Fine Feature™.

    Providing you willing to pay, never get a parking violation again!

  • The PhotoViolationMeter™

    The World's First Self Enforcing Parking Meter™

    Self Enforcing Parking Solutions

    Catches Violators Every Time which maximizes revenues as much as 10 times that of a normal Parking Meter or Parking Solution!

  • The PhotoViolationMeter™

    The World's Only Celebrity Crime Solving Parking Meter!

    The PhotoViolationMeter™ was a star when it appeared on America's Top Television Series, CSI Miarmi to solve a crime.

    Using its built in camera it took a photo of a criminal robbing a bank and solved the crime !

    Case Closed!

  • VehicleSensorPuck™

    Vehicle Detection Sensor

    Our VehicleSensorPuck™, a battery operated, wireless vehicle detection sensor, automatically detects vehicles rain or shine even in that snow! Our VehicleSensorPuck™ can be used in many ways, such as Traffic Lights, Parking & Security Gates, Parking Counting & Reservation Systems, Parking and Directional Systems.

  • WorldWide Distributors Wanted

    Help Us Bring Our Award Winning Solutions To The World!

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6/27/07 11:25am


Niagara Gazette

October 21, 2008 12:14 am


PhotoViolationMeter Goes Live in Niagara falls


Parking nettwork



Smart meter provides fairer parking system





PhotoViolationMeter Invades San Francisco


Parking nettwork



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