• ParkScanAndGo™

    The Easiest Way To Pay For Parking

    Self Enforcing Pay by Phone App

    - Works with Vehicle Sensors, Camera Columns or Meters
    - Takes pictures of license plates with Camera Column or Parking Meter
    - MeterLess or Metered Operation
    - Cash less or Cash Based Operation
    - Self Enforcing or Manual Enforcing
    - Complete integrated solution

  • AwardWinning Products

    Time Magazine's Top 50,

    Business 2.0 Magazine's Top 10

    Inventions of 2007

  • The PhotoViolationMeter™

    The World's Friendliest Parking Meter™

    It makes parking fair and convenient with its Every Way To Pay Feature™, Grace Period Feature™ and its No Fine Feature™.

    Providing you willing to pay, never get a parking violation again!

  • The PhotoViolationMeter™

    The World's First Self Enforcing Parking Meter™

    Self Enforcing Parking Solutions

    Catches Violators Every Time which maximizes revenues as much as 10 times that of a normal Parking Meter or Parking Solution!

  • The PhotoViolationMeter™

    The World's Only Celebrity Crime Solving Parking Meter!

    The PhotoViolationMeter™ was a star when it appeared on America's Top Television Series, CSI Miarmi to solve a crime.

    Using its built in camera it took a photo of a criminal robbing a bank and solved the crime !

    Case Closed!

  • VehicleSensorPuck™

    Vehicle Detection Sensor

    Our VehicleSensorPuck™, a battery operated, wireless vehicle detection sensor, automatically detects vehicles rain or shine even in that snow! Our VehicleSensorPuck™ can be used in many ways, such as Traffic Lights, Parking & Security Gates, Parking Counting & Reservation Systems, Parking and Directional Systems.

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    Help Us Bring Our Award Winning Solutions To The World!

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Photo Violation Technologies Corporation has developed the most Self Enforcing Parking Solutions that are Revolutionizing the Parking Industry™ and Perfecting How People Park™.

Our Solutions such as The PhotoViolationMeter™ Solution provides long-term benefits in a manner that is fair to everyone. Our solutions will change your attitude towards paying for parking. Now, you pay for time you used. No more, no less!

Parking is a critical component of transportation policies and management for municipalities. On-street parking is a key factor in promoting business and tourism. It is vital for municipalities to invest in user-friendly solutions geared towards the future.

World Wide Distributors Wanted

Photo Violation Technologies Corp.’s products are so revolutionary that they have won awards and are either patented or patent pending... We are looking for distributors Globally to distribute our products!

Help Us Bring Our Award Winning Solutions To The World!

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Award Winning Products

  • PhotoViolationMeter™ >

    The self-enforcing PhotoViolationMeter™ is beneficial for drivers and their municipalities. It makes parking convenient for drivers with its No-Fine Feature™, Read More
  • PhotoViolationHHU™ >

    PhotoViolationHHU™ is a hardaware and software soltion for the issuance of parking violations and fines which is built upon the Read More
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